Frequently Asked Questions About the License Verification Site


Question: I searched by my Nursing license number, 123456, but could not find the record.

Answer: All licenses contain a prefix – Examples: RN for Registered Nurse; LN for Licensed Practical Nurse; PT for Pharmacy Technician.  You must enter that prefix before the numbers in order for the search to find you.


Question: I searched for my EMT license number, 123456, but could not find the record.

Answer: The format of EMT license numbers now contains a prefix – C for Cadet, E for Basic, I for Intermediate, and P for Paramedic.  So if you were a EMT-Basic, your certification number would be E123456. Please include any leading or trailing zeros as well.


Question: I searched for a business that I know is licensed, but could not find the record. Am I doing something wrong?

Answer: The default screen is designed to search for a person license, not a business. Did you click where it says “Click here to search for a Business instead of a Person?”


Question: When I download a file of licensee information, what data is in the file and what is the file format?

Answer: Use the Preview button to see what data fields will be included. The file format is known as Delimited, meaning fields are separated by a character known as a delimiter. The file uses the | character as the delimiter. When you import the file into Excel, for example, you will be prompted to type the delimiter character. The | character can be found on top of the back slash character, located between the Backspace and Enter keys.


Question: I entered the person’s first and last names, the license number, and both the city and the zip code. Why did the search not find the record?

Answer: You might have “over-searched,” meaning you are entering more data for the search than you need.  If you know the license number, don’t enter any other search criteria. The more criteria you enter, the higher the likelihood that you have spelled something incorrectly.  Whether you enter search criteria in two fields or in six fields, all search criteria must match in order to produce a matching record.  So if you have the license number entered correctly, but misspell the last name, the search will fail.


Question: I have applied for a nursing license, but by entering my first and last name the search is not finding my record.  Why not?

Answer: Applicant information is not available on this site. The only records you can find are for licensees.


Question: My search produced a list that fills the page, but only goes from A through G. Where are the rest of the records?

Answer: Scroll to the bottom of the page and notice a series of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4….. The results you are looking at for A through G are page 1.  Click on 2, 3, 4, etc. to view the additional pages.


Question: My search produced over 20 pages of results. I am looking at the first page, containing licensees whose name starts with A, but want to get to W quickly.  Is there a way to do this?

Answer: Notice that the column heading Full Name is underlined.  Click on the words Full Name and the results list will be sorted alphabetically from Z to A.  Click on it again to sort alphabetically from A to Z.  Also, by clicking on the column heading License Number you can sort the results list alphabetically by license number in ascending order.  By clicking License Number a second time, you can sort the results alphabetically in descending order.


Question: I am having some trouble navigating your site.  Data does not display correctly.  What am I doing wrong?

Answer: This site fully supports Internet Explorer versions 6.0 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher. Data may not display correctly if you are using Safari or Google Chrome.


Question: I searched by last name of licensee and got some hits that did not match the name I input.  Why?

Answer: There is an “invisible” wild card at the end of whatever last name you input.  So if you input “White” as the last name, it will not only match licensees with that last name but will also match Whitesell, Whiteside, and any other last names that begin with “White.”


Question: Who can I contact for other questions?

Answer: Contact the DHPL Help Desk at 617-973-0935, or, for assistance with online licensing for licenses belonging to the Division of Health Professions Licensure. For any questions about the licensing requirements, contact the individual board directly. Contact information can be found on board websites.

Contact OEMS at 617-753-7300, or email, for certifications belonging to the Office of Emergency Medical Services

Contact Prometric at 617-753-8144, or email, for licenses belonging to the Nurse Aide Registry