License Verification User Manual


The purpose of this document is to detail how to use the functions of the Verification web site to look up the most current information about a license.  It also details how to download a public information request data file.



Above is the main screen of the Verification web site, which is accessed at this URL:  This is a public web site and there is no login.  Anyone may visit.


How to Perform a Search

First: are you searching for person based licenses such as a dentist or for facility based licenses such as a Retail Drug Store?  If you are searching for person based licenses you are ready to search.  If you are searching for facility based licenses you need to select the link called Click here to search for a business.


For each search you must first select a Profession from the drop down menu.  You must then select at least one more field by which to search.  If you are interested in just one license, the best way to find it is to enter the license number as your second field.  If you do not know the license number you could search by First and Last Name, but beware that could result in more than one license returned in the list.


Note: you may use the wildcard, which is the asterisk character *, to search to help you search.  For example, if you don’t know if the first name is spelled Phil or Philip or Phillip, enter it as Phil*, which will return results for all three spellings.


Once you have entered the criteria by which you wish to search, select the Search button.  The system will search the database and return any matches to the Search Results window in a list as shown below:



The list is sorted by licensee name in alphabetical order.  You may sort the list in license number order by selecting the heading License Number in the first row of the list.


If the search returns more than can be displayed on one screen there will be page numbers at the bottom of the list.  You can jump to page numbers by selecting a number.


If you need more information about the license than can be found in the list, select the licensee’s underlined name.  This will open the Licensee Information window where you will see more information about the license, including disciplinary information, as shown below:



To return to the Search Results window, close the Licensee Information window.


To return to the main screen to perform another search, select either the Search for a Person button or the Search for a Facility button.


How to Perform a Data File Download of Your Search Results

You can preview the fields that will come with your data file by selecting the Preview File button.  You will then be shown a list of fields that come with the file.


To download the data file of your search results, select the Download File button, which will open the Confirmation window as shown below:


Select the Continue button.  This will open the Download window:



Select the Download button.  This will open the Windows File Download dialog box as shown below:



Select the Save button to save the file to your computer.  This will open the Windows Save As dialog box as shown below:



Enter a file name and select the Save button.  The file will be downloaded to your computer.


The file is called a delimited text file, which means each field in each record is separated from the next field by a delimiter character – in this case it is the pipes character | located just below the Backspace key on your keyboard.  So a record in the file looks something like this:


John Smith|RN123456|Registered Nurse|Current|12/01/2012|123 Main Street|Anytown and so forth.  A delimited text file can be imported into just about any software program such as MicroSoft Excel.